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An old man sits alone in a cabin. Around him are snow and headless puppets. Day for day he build puppets out of wire and wool. A long time ago he chose this way of life. Now his hair is grey and he found peace in the silence and loneliness. He has nothing to do with society until a young girl came into his life.

First release date: 04.02.2014, DE (h1 – Fernsehen aus Hannover)

puppet builder: Torsten Fischer
cynthia: Cynthia Panczyk
direction: Andreas Wilhelm Spengler
POD: Tobias Haupt
sound / light: Markus Schindler
best girl: Maria Kunert
counsel: Frank Preiser
mask: Leonie Drescher
thanks to: Leoni Grebe-Thiel, Mascha Wilhelm, the parents of the girls, Svenja T. Liebert, Philipp Ghouri, Claudia Ghouri, Thorsten, h1 – Fernsehen aus Hannover, #wilhelmz and all supporters

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